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Injection Mold

The injection mold is the unsung hero of the molding workshop, and has been a part of our daily lives for almost a century. The computer mouse you are holding is a product of injection molding, as well computer keyboards, instrument panels, cell phone casings, and the interior trim of construction vehicles.

Haiyee has been in the injection molding business for 14 years, and our injection molds have been highly praised by hundreds of molding professionals across industries, such as the home appliance, automobile, construction machinery, and telecommunication industries. International customers from Iran, Australia, Pakistan, the US, Tunisia, Serbia, and India come to us, knowing that we can save them cost and time.

What can Haiyee help you with?
We are an injection mold expert. Our tooling solutions cut days or even weeks off your product launch. With Haiyee's injection mold, we make your parts stronger and easier to manufacturer. We take on small to large volume injection molded parts production. Whatever your mold tooling challenge is, Haiyee will find the perfect solution.

Injection Molding Basics
Steel grade: P20, NAK80, 718, SKD11, 618, S136, 45, 50

A. Mold (upper part, lower part)
B. Guide Mechanism (guide pin, guide bush)
C. Clamping unit (T-shaped clamp, clamp slot)
D. Cooling system (chilled water channel)
E. Temperature control system (heating tube, resistance heating wire)
F. Runner (nozzle, runner channel, sprue)
G. Ejector system (ejector pin, ejector bar)

Applications for Injection Mold
Automobile, Home Appliance, Electronic Communication, Shower Parts, etc.

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