• Compression Mold

    With advanced equipment, we produce superior compression molds. There is no better way of testing a mold than on our own machine at our own facility. That is why we bought the 1500t hydraulic press, or compression molding press, for mold trials.

  • Injection Mold

    The computer mouse you are holding is a product of injection molding, as well computer keyboards, instrument panels, cell phone casings, and the interior trim of construction vehicles.

    1. Fiberglass Products(Compression Molded Parts)

      Fiberglass products, when manufactured correctly by compression molding, can offer many benefits including durability and excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and salty or humid conditions.

    1. Injection Molded Parts

      Haiyee takes pride in saying that your injection molded parts are produced in-house, with our own injection molds on our injection molding machines. Below is a list of equipment and components we use to handle your large or small injection molding projects.

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