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  • Overview

  • Haiyee Mould Co., Ltd. specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of injection molds, compression molds, molded SMC and BMC, and plastic products. Our mold tools and molded parts are widely used in the automotive, home appliance, medical, rail transport, electronic communication, and aerospace industries.

    From our beginnings in 2001, we have invested in highly-trained talent and precision equipment, resulting in reduced cost and time. Our staff work on the design, production, trial runs, inspection, and servicing of compression molds and injection molds so that you receive the product you need in a reasonable time.

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  • Milestones

  • 2001
    The Haiyee company is established as a manufacturer of injection molds and compression molds.

    To meet business demand, we buy a number of new overseas production and inspection.

    We export a complete set of mold tools for 7kg twin-tub washing machines to Pakistan.

    Complete sets of molds for 10kg drum washing machines and 8kg twin-tub washing machines are exported to Iran.

    The complete set of molds for refrigerators are exported to Iran.

    Haiyee works with a Chinese electric company to jointly develop auto molds for Dongfeng's heavy-duty trucks. These molds, including injection molds and SMC compression molds totaling 11 sets, use SMC, ABS, and PP plus TD20 materials to produce auto panels installed on heavy-duty trucks in Iran. Parts made with these molds include the truck front panels, window frames (left, right), front bumper covers, front bumper grilles, and car roofs, among other body panels.

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  • Mold Design

  • In the past, it was costly and time-consuming to design a new functional mold because mold tooling designers could not discover problems until the mold was made and tried out. Reworked molds due to errors cost time, labor, and money.

    Here at Haiyee, we use CAD, CAM, and CAE software to create a computer model of the mold tool, and then test it virtually before the actual mold is built. Based on Haiyee-generated or customer-supplied designs, we can reverse engineer the component and create a 2D or 3D mold design on the computer. Our advanced software then simulates the process of separating different mold parts along the parting line and analyzes the mold flow to see how resin material will flow through the mold and into each mold cavity. Mold design data can be exchanged between software in the forms of IGES, DXF, STEP and STL files.

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  • Mold Construction

  • Manufacturing Equipment

    Here at Haiyee, we invest heavily in good equipment, processes and talent. This gives us control over our mold tooling quality and services. It is our mission to not only meet customer expectations, but in many cases exceed them.

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  • Mold Tryout

    If the mold isn't right or problems with the molding process produces defective molded parts, customers can't afford the cost and neither can we. That is why quality inspection is so important to us, helping us point out mold problems before it's too late.

    On complex mold tool and part designs, it is quite difficult to make measurements with ordinary hand instruments. Haiyee purchases advanced inspection instruments and testing programs to ensure mold precision and quality. Our expertly trained quality inspection team is skilled in handling these machines to test and try out each mold tooling, so customers can rest assured that they receive quality tools.

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  • Quality Control

  • Every mold manufacturer talks about quality control, but here at Haiyee we put strict processes and requirements in place so that our tools and services really are reliable.

    I. Overall Organizational Goals
    1. Molds
    First time pass rate≥95%, pass rate upon deliery≥99%
    2. Molded Parts
    Pass rate: ≥99.5%, customer satisfaction rating: ≥95%

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