Molds for Bathroom Products

Target Customers
Bathroom products manufacturers, shower fixture design, research and development institutes, compression mold and injection mold agents

Scope of Services
1. Specializes in the design, manufacturing, inspection, installation and servicing of molds for bathroom products.
2. Upon customer request, we provide injection molded, SMC fiberglass, and compression molded bathroom products and shower fixtures.

Corporate Advantages
Haiyee's reputation as a leading mold manufacturer is the result of more than a decade of hands-on experience in serving the bathroom products industry. We provide various compression molds and injection molds that deliver commercial bathroom building products. We also offer complete molding solutions for any bathroom product.

We've worked with many bathroom building materials suppliers, turning their design ideas of bathroom fixtures into reality. Each bathroom product made with Haiyee molds speaks of quality and class, bringing customers a superior bathroom experience. Below is a list of bathroom components that can be molded using Haiyee compression molds and injection molds.
1. Bathroom sink
2. Bath tub
3. Bathroom floor
4. Toilet seat
5. Shower wall panel
6. Compression molded shower door

Haiyee Products

Haiyee is a major Chinese injection mold and compression mold expert. Our valued customers are mold agents, bathroom products manufacturers, and furniture makers. We design, develop and run quality molds that help customers produce commercial bathroom components and shower fixtures.

At Haiyee, we aim to put customers at ease. When you call, we listening to your molding needs and walk you through the entire mold production process from concept to fruition to testing. Our molds are highly praised by customers, delivering quality bathroom products they can be proud of.

Molded Bathroom Products
For customers who do not have injection molding machines or compression molding presses, they can trust the entire bathroom components production to Haiyee. We'll give customers the best service support in terms of quality and delivery cycle.

1. SMC Fiberglass Products: bath tubs, toilet seats, shower room panels, and basins

2. Injection Molded Products: bathroom sinks and floor

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