Markets Served
    1. Auto MoldsAfter 14 years serving the car mold industry, Haiyee is an experienced manufacturer of trims, body panels, and structural members for cars of any model and make. Our expertly trained designers are able to design optimized automotive molds that meet customer's exact specifications.
    1. Molds for Rail Transport Upstream and downstream sectors of the rail transport industry, including train and high-speed rail parts manufacturers, train assembly plants, train repair shops, and train parts dealerships.
    1. Home Appliance Molds Haiyee injection molds were used to produce parts for 7kg twin-tub washing machines, 8kg twin-tub washing machines, 10kg drum washing machine, and ML refrigerators, and have been highly praised by customers for years.
    1. Molds for Construction MachineryHaiyee is a leading Chinese manufacturer of injection molds, compression molds and molded construction machinery parts. With more than 14 years of experience in tooling design and construction.
    1. Molds in Electronic CommunicationThe design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, and servicing of molds that produce commercial electronic enclosures.
      We can produce plastic electronic enclosures and other molded plastic components.
    1. Molds for Bathroom Products We provide various compression molds and injection molds that deliver commercial bathroom building products. We also offer complete molding solutions for any bathroom product.

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